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Kent Spriggs' Book

Representing Plaintiffs in Title VII Actions is a two-volume work which was first published in 1994. It is now in its second edition and is updated annually. Kent wrote the updates through 2004.

It is unique in that it is written solely from the employee's perspective. It offers an array of legal tools for mastering the basic legal theories. If you would like to view the table of contents click here.

The book has been reviewed in various national publications.

TRIAL magazine, published by the Association of Trial Lawyers, stated:

His two-volume work is loaded with insight, encouragement, intelligent practice pointers, cogent suggestions, and useful quotes and citations. When Kent Spriggs speaks, every one of us should listen.

. . . .

... The logic is so keen, the points so well founded, and the material so well developed, no lawyer should be embarrassed quoting Spriggs directly in briefs and motions.

. . . .

... Those who practice Title VII or discrimination law of any kind should buy this book. It can be a helpful and comforting resource. Move over Schlei and Grossman; there's a new employment discrimination "bible" on the shelf.

TRIAL, August 1994, pp. 76 & 78.

THE FEDERAL LAWYER, published by the Federal Bar Association, stated in part:

Kent Spriggs has packed 30 years of practical and technical employment litigation know-how into this current, cutting edge, and easily accessible reference work. There are only a handful of employment trial specialists in the country who have the depth of experience to author these volumes - and Kent Spriggs is one of them. For the first time ever, plaintiffs' lawyers in this vast and complex field have an authoritative treatise that includes practice tips for every step in the representation of employees. In addition to providing scholarly treatment of the case law, Spriggs takes his readers through the phases of practice, from client selection and the retainer agreement, through evidence at trial, to final judgment or settlement. He treats the simple individual case and the most complex class action with equal expertise.

. . . .

... Spriggs is and always has been an unabashed warrior fighting for oppressed employees, frequently in complex class actions.

. . . .

Spriggs' treatment of the discovery and trial use of statistical evidence is excellent. You will not find it anywhere else unless you are fortunate enough to have been guided through the trial of a complex employment case using expert statistical testimony. Statistical evidence, generated from computer readable employment databases, remains the heart of contemporary employment litigation; both individual and class actions can be won or lost because of it. Spriggs explains exactly what to discover, how to discover it, and how to introduce it at trial, referring frequently to seminal and recent case authority.

. . . .

His treatment of expert testimony is more thorough than any published literature in the field.... Overall, it is a masterful and much needed work.

THE FEDERAL LAWYER, Volume 43, No. 5, pp. 52-53.

Joe Garrison, former President of the National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA), the association of lawyers representing employees, wrote in The Employee Advocate (published by NELA) and stated in part:

... provides an in depth, extremely practical, analysis of everything connected with successful representation of Title VII plaintiffs.... Buy this book and follow its advice.

I cannot really imagine how attorneys representing clients could practice effectively without these books, even in our age of computer-assisted research.